JOPLIN, MO – A new group of future doctors is starting class in Joplin, and today that included a tour to see the sights of their new hometown.

“I’ve only been here for a week or two. And so, I’ve been limited in so far as exploring the area.” Says Daniel O’Kellly, KCU Student.

But Daniel O’Kelly and dozens of transplants like him are getting a whole new perspective on this part of southwest Missouri.

“We want to make sure we’re showing off the best of Joplin as far as what these students can do while they’re here.” Says Erin Slifka, Joplin Chamber.

160 medical students are starting classes with KCU Joplin, most of whom are not from Joplin.

So now they’re getting a taste of the town, sites like the Main Street Axe Company.

“This is a unique thing to offer to students who are coming into town. And I absolutely love seeing fresh faces in here.” Says Michelle Fowler, Main Street Axe Co.

While this stop features axe throwing, the students are also touring downtown, and checking out the Empire Market and the Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center.

“Most of them are new to Joplin, new to the region to get them to find these great places that the community has and not taking 3 years to find it. And really get them engaged with the community and the residents in the community, we’d love for them to stay in the area after they’re done with school.” Says Slifka.