JOPLIN, Mo. — In tonight’s dose of good news, a local university is seeing a surprising enrollment.

Two married couples recently started physician school at KCU-Joplin. Both couples tell me it was a challenge getting accepted into the same program.

“It’s very hard to get into medical school itself and then to get into the same medical school,” said Brianne Werner, KCU-Joplin Student.

Kansas City University-Joplin is recognizing a first.

The school has two married couples attending their first year of physician school.

“100 percent easier having my spouse with me. We suspect although we have no frame of reference. It has not been easy but its probably been better with us both being together,” said Ben and Holly Weeks, KCU-Joplin Students.

Ben and Holly Weeks got married in May and are high school sweethearts. They want to specialize in family medicine and hope to open their own practice after graduation.

“Her parents are practicing in her hometown and we would like to go back there. And they’ve welcomed us to hurry up and get over there so they can retire and be family practice,” said Ben Weeks.

Brianne Werner and Zach Werner got married in 2019 and have been together since middle school.

They say them both attending the same physician school since July has been a great experience.

“I think it’s a benefit. I think some of our friends have expressed to us a little jealously that we can bounce ideas off each other. Just to have each other learn and grow,” said Brianne Werner.

“Kind of hold the other one accountable, make sure we are on it at all times,” said Zach Werner, KCU-Joplin Student.

Both couples are part of the 2025 graduating class.

“The odds of having several married couples is not that great. We do have a married couple in another class which we though was unusual. But this has been truly unique to have two,” said Shannon Peterson, Assistant Director Of Student Affairs.

Both couples started physician school in July and are taking the same classes.

Both couples say they have different study methods so they learn the material separately and quiz each other.