Kansas voter turnout expected to hit record highs


CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ks. — The primaries are now behind us which means Kansas leaders are now planning for the general election in November.

Voter turnout is expected to hit record highs.

So voting officials are working on staffing at polling locations and sending out more mail-in ballots.

The numbers are in…

The primary election showed local leaders far more than just who has the popular vote.

Don Pyle, Clerk, Crawford County, said, “Voting really at the polls was about as it was, it was just a little higher turn out.”

Mail in ballot requests and advance ballots by mail have also increased.

“I’ve looked at our last couple of primaries in even years and 700-800 ballots have voted early, most of those by mail. This year we will probably be at 3,000 by the time we’re done counting those.”

Those numbers mean the amount of early voters compared to the 2016 primaries has more than tripled.

Planning for November, Plye anticipates this trend to continue.

“We’ll be getting more of those requests. We’ll do more in person advance voting as well than we did for the general than we did for the primary.”

General election mail-in ballots will be sent out to voters starting at the beginning of next month.

For those who still want to make it to the polls, more workers will be needed to fill positions. As coronavirus is still a threat, fewer workers are at the polls.

“A lot of our older workers have decided that it’s a good time to sit one out, or just not participate in that way anymore.”

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