Kansas tourism looking to rebound in 2021


KASNAS — This week, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly signed a proclamation to highlight one key element to economic recovery in the state.

Devin Gorman, Crawford County Convention & Visitors Bureau, said, “This year is the power of travel and I don’t think that can be underestimated on what that impact looked like last year from the pandemic.”

This week, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly signed a proclamation making it National Travel and Tourism Week. Not only to serve as a point of pride, but also an economic motivator for one of the state’s biggest source of business.

“It’s the ninth largest industry within the state of Kansas, here in Crawford County tourism for pre-pandemic numbers supported over a thousand jobs brought over 86 million dollars into our community.”

And over seven billion dollars into the state. The proclamation recognizes 2021 as the year of rebuilding growth for Kansas travel. An effort seemingly more possible as people get out of their homes.

Joe Manns, Big Brutus Manager, said, “We finished the year last year, from August to December with 9,000 people, I think already this year we’re at five pushing six thousand and we haven’t even begun the busy part of our year.”

Seeing the return of visitors, many events are planned at local attractions.

Vic Boccia, Big Brutus Founder, said, “This upcoming event could have three to five thousand people here, and you multiply that times all of the things they have, goods and services to have a good time here and that means a boom to the local economy.”

Joe Manns, Big Brutus Manager, said, “Even in our little town West Mineral here, we’re seeing a little bit of activity here as far as businesses, albeit they’re small, but businesses expanding here as well.”

Helping to return business to what communities remember.

“Hotel numbers even have gotten back to a level where we were at in the end of 2019, so the recovery is happening pretty quickly here and hopefully continues into the spring and summer time,” sadi Gorman.

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