Kansas taking a hit in tax collections due to the coronavirus outbreak


TOPEKA, Ks. — The state of Kansas is taking a hit in tax collections because of the coronavirus outbreak.

For the month of May, the state is down $114 million in taxes compared to last year.

That’s down 20% compared to 2019.

Revenue Secretary Mark Burghart says in addition to a slowed economy, collections are down because the Governor moved the filing deadline to July 15.

Sec. Mark Burghart, Dept. of Revenue, said, “It was extremely difficult to get any information at that point and time as to what was going to transpire going into the future, unemployment, nobody knew what it was going to be like, so from the perspective of the estimate that was done, the may estimate, we came very close to that number.”

Burghart says one area that is actually performing better than last year is online sales tax collections, which is more than a million dollars higher than last year.

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