Kansas Senator holds Town Hall Meeting


A Kansas Senator held a town hall Saturday afternoon in Labette County.
Senator Roger Marshall was in Parsons answering questions from residents about topics ranging from medical marijuana, voter fraud and raising the minimum wage.

Two Kansas Mayor’s in attendance say their city is seeing a spike in price for their electric bills after the cold spell last week.
The Mayor of one Kansas town says they received an electric bill estimate of $541,000, which is the price for one year of electricity.
She asked Senator Marshall what is being done to fix the pricing issue.

Senator Roger Marshall representing District 1 said, “We asked for the federal energy regulatory commission which oversees this to investigate the situation to see if there is something nefarious that went on regarding the prices.”

Senator Marshall says conserving energy during the cold spell helped the state avoid brownouts.
Kansas residents who were in the audience say they think the town hall was successful.

Don Alexander a Neosho county resident said, “I think we are lucky when we have our senators and representatives come out and spend time with the people they represent.

Lon Hale a resident from Allen county said, “It’s been a good town hall meeting. i brought my children today and so they would bring my grandchildren today because I wanted them to see the process.”

Saturday night’s town hall lasted for nearly an hour.

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