Kansas sees increase in exported goods


KANSAS — The state of Kansas did billions of dollars of exporting goods last year–an increase over 2018.

But how did Southeast Kansas do?

Allen Pickert, PIO Kansas Department of Commerce, said, “While the quarter percent is not a huge increase, it is fantastic to be going up when the national trend went down last year.”

Kansas exports totaled $11.6 billion in 2019. That’s up .25% over 2018.

“Exports means jobs and profits for business so anytime those are increasing it’s a plus for Kansas workers and Kansas companies”

While things were up for Kansas as a whole, it a was a different story in Southeast Kansas.

Perry Sorrell, General Manager, Bartlett Co-Op Association, said,”First of all we didn’t have a wheat crop and so wheat is our normally biggest exported crop well when the floods came we were actually out for nearly five months.

Kansas wheat exports were cut to $567 million from $572 million –soybeans surged 8.9%.

“There’s probably about a tenth the amount of acres of wheat that’s been planted currently so that will affect southeast Kansas drastically. It may make an opportunity where more soybeans may be planted or more corn.”

Corn expanded from $195 million to $227 million, which is up 16%.

“If it’s more corn we’ll probably use that locally in our feed meals. If it’s more soybeans then those would be available for export.”

Nationally, U.S. exports declined 1.2% during the same period.

2019 was the third consecutive year of overall growth in Kansas.

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