CRAWFORD COUNTY, KS — Southeast Kanas will soon be entering the next step in their vaccine distribution.

“We have people just waiting out there who are waiting to get the shot, just to be held back because of the phase program, which was appropriate, now we got an opportunity to open up,” said Brian Caswell, Owner of Wolkar Drugs

Like the rest of the state, Crawford County is preparing for their next step in vaccine distribution.

“The governor this week in her news conference has written that we’re going to move through a combined phase three and four starting next monday,” said Dr. Timothy Stebbins, Crawford County Public Health Officer

There’s also something else which could help in the process for rural areas, who had previously been more ready to move onto future phases much faster than urban cities.

“Senate bill 295 appears to try and allow the local community health board and commissioners make decisions regarding vaccinations for their community,” says Stebbins.

And while this could help move things along, officials don’t think it would immediately help.

“A little leeway is reasonable, but we don’t want to have a free for all for vaccines because that will likely cause more harm than good,” says Stebbins.

Their concern is to make sure those highly critical individuals are taken care of.

“We certainly need to vaccinate those that are highest risk first across the state, and across the nation and that’s why the phase idea came about, is to meet the need of those who are most likely to be injured or killed from COVID-19,” says Stebbins.

To help make sure they, and the rest of the country can be ready to have vaccines available to everyone.

“I am very hopeful that we will get there by may 1st, and have accessibility to anyone who wants a shot by that time,” says Caswell.