Kansas political party chairs speak before presidential debate


KANSAS — After months of campaigning against each other, Kansas voters are finally going to see Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the same stage. The chairs of the two biggest political parties are excited for Tuesday’s debate, but they expect two very different outcomes.

Mike Kuckelman, Chair, Kansas Republican Party, said, “I expect Biden will struggle with the debate process, he has demonstrated that before. I think President Trump loves to be up on the stage, and I think he enjoys answering questions.”

Vicki Hiatt, Chair, Kansas Democratic Party, said, “I think the biggest difference will be the truth versus lies. We see an awful lot of lies coming from the administration, especially out of Donald Trump’s mouth.”

Democratic Party Chair Vicki Hiatt says Kansas voters want to hear solutions on the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, and healthcare.

“I think that the democratic message right now is one of hope and one of how we can actually build back better, and we’ve got the plans to do that.”

Republican Party Chair Mike Kuckelman also believes the economy is at the top of people’s minds, as well as taxes, abortion, and trade issues. But that the new debate over who should replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court could be a new reason for Kansans to get out and vote.

“You know who President Trump has nominated, a highly qualified, fantastic female for that vacancy. Biden, on the other hand won’t even tell us who’s on his list,” said Kuckelman

In addition to coronavirus, the economy, and the Supreme Court, other debate topics include election integrity, the candidates’ records, and race and violence in American cities.

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