FORT SCOTT, Kans — The “Gordon Parks Museum” is hosting a three-day event to honor the life and legacy of Parks himself and Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

It started yesterday, with a coffee gathering and a showing of the film “Martin”, which was directed by Parks.

Today, a lunch and learn event, featuring an oral and musical presentation from a multicultural artist, Alex Kimball Williams.

The event finishes on Monday.

Museum officials say it’s important to reflect back on the impact both men had on society.

“Well Gordon (in 1963) followed Martin Luther King on a march in Washington, and took some of those famous photos we have of Martin Luther King, giving that famous speech, ‘I Have A Dream’. Martin Luther King was a champion for the Civil Rights Movement. He was the leader of that. He wanted to fight for change, systematic change. So, it was his call of duty to do that, and we want to honor his legacy, for being that leader for us, for what we needed for that Civil Rights Movement,” said Kirk Sharp, Gordon Parks Museum Foundation.

The final lunch and learn event will be held on Monday at the museum, beginning at noon.

Guest speaker, John Edgar Tidwell will lead a presentation, titled “Good Trouble”.

The museum is also collecting canned and non-perishable food for the “Beacon Food Pantry” in Fort Scott.