ERIE, Kans. — A southeast Kansas teacher is recognized for dedicating the previous year to serving students and prioritizing personalized learning.

Kim Ptasnik, Erie Elementary School, is recognized by IXL, a personalized learning platform used by more than 14 million students. Ptasnik is the only teacher from Kansas that made this year’s list of IXL’s Elite 100.

Elite 100 recognizes teachers for identifying hidden barriers to student growth, closing knowledge gaps, and developing their students’ intrinsic motivation to succeed despite disruptions to learning. 

These teachers were selected from a group of 900,000 worldwide who use the IXL platform in their classrooms.

“Educators were entrusted with the difficult job of filling knowledge gaps, stabilizing test scores and cultivating students’ curiosity over the past year. Elite 100 teachers responded to these challenges by personalizing instruction to address the specific needs of each student and recover unfinished learning,” said Paul Mishkin, CEO of IXL Learning. “We look forward to helping even more schools tackle their most pressing challenges so that every student feels empowered to succeed and reach their full potential.”

IXL was a critical component of the Elite 100’s learning recovery efforts. It helped them better understand what students knew, what they were ready to learn, and how they could make a greater impact immediately.

Teachers efficiently and effectively support any lesson or educational need through the comprehensive curriculum.