KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The Kansas Bureau of Investigation and federal officials are investigating a security breach affecting Kansas court systems.

A spokesperson for the KBI confirmed the agency, along with federal partners, is investigating what’s only been described as a security incident. The KBI got involved soon after many Kansas courts were forced to go paper only in mid-October.

The Kansas Supreme Court issued a “hard copy” order earlier this month. A spokesperson told FOX4 they estimate electronic filing won’t be allowed for about two weeks.

The change has impacted Kansas courthouses, including those in Wyandotte, Leavenworth and Douglas counties — and all the way up to the Kansas Supreme Court.

Attorneys and their staff have been filing motions by hand, mail or fax.

Johnson County, Kansas courts are not included in this decision. They are on a separate online filing system.

The Kansas Supreme Court previously said staff are “working with experts from several sources to find out what happened in the security incident, how it happened, and how far it reached,” according to a release.

“Until those questions are answered, the Office of Judicial Administration can’t predict when the systems will be brought back online,” the release said.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation did not provide any other information on the ongoing investigation.