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KANSAS (KSNF/KODE) — One holiday in March synonymous with ‘luck’ is St. Patrick’s Day, which happens to be Friday. When it comes to Luck, most people are believers of this unseen mover of fate, whether it’s ‘good’ luck, or ‘bad.’ This is especially true in Kansas, which ranks among the top states that believe in luck.

Ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, Casinobonusca.com published a study which found the states that are most convinced of “Lady Luck’s” influence. This was done, simply, by sending out a survey to 2,000 people across the country to gage their belief and lucky practices.

Those results put Kansas in 2nd place among the most adamant believers in luck and superstitions. More than 3/4’s, or 76% of Kansans who were polled, claimed to be believers. The top spot goes to Wisconsin with 77% (a difference of just 1% between the two states). The study found that, in general, approximately 71% of all Americans believe in luck.

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As far as how people in the U.S. practice maintaining good luck: Over half cross their fingers, while roughly 49% like to “wish upon a star.” Another 46% pick up pennies (heads-up only) while 42% knock on wood. About 43% of Americans believe in beginners luck, too. The study, published earlier this month, claims most of this superstition is geared towards sports, specifically in the habits people have before a game to ensure their team wins.

“Out of the 21% of respondents who do believe in sports-related superstitions, 41% of them like to wear a lucky piece of clothing while watching their favorite team… and 33% like to practice the same routine on game day,” the study reads.

You can check out Casinobonusca.com’s newly-published ‘luck’ statistics, HERE, which also includes some fun St. Patrick’s Day inspired trends.