IOLA, Kan. — A hearing today (Monday) served as a chance for hundreds of Southeast Kansas high school students to see our judicial system in action.

“We watched three cases that appeared in front of the Kansas Court of Appeals,” said Abigail Meiwes, Senior, Iola High School.

And while this Iola High School senior says they involved some complicated topics…

“We had that contract case at the end that a lot of it went over my head,” said Meiwes.

It has helped her understand how our court system works.

“We don’t really talk about what we see up here. I didn’t realize that there would only be two arguing, and then the first one had time to go back and re-argue their case afterward,” said Meiwes.

31st Judicial District Judge Dan Creitz was a big part of bringing Abigail and about 500 other kids from several Southeast Kansas school districts to Iola Tuesday to see the Appeals Court in action.

“I think it’s an unbelievable experience, an educational opportunity for the students. Something many of them will never have the chance to experience again,” said Judge Dan Creitz, 31st Judicial District.

And it gave the judges a chance to shape the future.

“Maybe we encourage them to pursue a career in the law,” said Judge Angela Coble, Kansas Court of Appeals.

Judge Coble says knowing they were able to make the classroom lessons come alive makes having a session like this worthwhile.

So which is more intimidating? Hearing arguments from seasoned attorneys, or sitting on stage in front of 500 high school kids?

“Oh, gosh, I think 500 high school kids in the audience, definitely,” said Coble.

Iola High School senior Jaydon Morrison says knowing what the judges have to do as part of their job makes him a little hesitant to say the law will be his career.

“She had mentioned during the Q&A how one of the hardest parts is following the law, not following how she wished it had turned out, and I don’t think I could be able to really do that every day,” said Jaydon Morrison, Senior, Iola High School.

But it does make him admire the judges and appreciate the job they do.