LAWRENCE, Kan. — A Lawrence homeowner lost a lot in a weekend house fire but still has Corey the cat, thanks to emergency crews.

A neighbor notified the homeowner of the fire before emergency crews from Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical arrived Sunday evening.

Firefighters could already see fire burning in the house near East 19th Street and O’Connell Road when they arrived.

The homeowner told emergency crews that a cat was inside the burning home.

Firefighters started battling the fire, but were forced to change tactics when part of the roof collapsed. As soon as the fire was out, crews searched the house for the the missing cat.

They eventually found Corey in a space between two floor joists. The space filled with water as crews put out the fire. Firefighters said only Corey’s head and shoulders were above the water when they found the cat.

The firefighters carried Corey outside to medical crews. While first lethargic, emergency crews said Corey perked up after being wrapped towels and given oxygen.

The emergency crews said Corey may need a little more care and follow-up treatment.

One firefighter was also treated for heat-related issues during the fire.

Inspectors determined the fire started because smoking materials were improperly discarded on the back deck.