BAXTER SPRINGS, Kans. — A growing national trend for school districts could soon make it’s way to southeast Kansas. The Baxter Springs School District is considering moving to a four-day school week. Right now, they’re just gathering information and asking parents for their thoughts on the matter.

Superintendent David Pendergraft says the top concern for parents seems to be childcare and food. And he says the main reason the district is considering the switch to four days is teacher recruitment.

“We’ve been seeing a steady decline in the number of applicants for jobs over the last few years. And I think, the more I visit with area, uh, superintendents, um, this is not just something that’s unique to Baxter or Southeast Kansas or even Kansas because obviously Missouri and Oklahoma and many other states are having those same issues. So, so what can we do to try to attract the fewer graduates that are available,” said Pendergraft.

Pendergraft says they hope to bring a proposal to the school board in January and have a decision made by February.

There are currently around 25 schools in Kansas that have a four-day school week.