Kansas mail-in ballots still trickling in


KANSAS — The primary election may be over but there are still votes coming in.

Advance ballots that are in the mail must arrive at a local county election office no later than Friday in order to be counted.

Election officials say in the past, some ballots have arrived months after election day.

But this year, there are still 82,000 mail-in ballots that have not been returned – which is much higher than normal.

That means if ballots don’t arrive at an election office soon, more votes than normal will go uncounted.

Bryan Caskey, Kansas Director of Elections, said, “I suspect that there may be some ballots that we will receive after Friday that won’t count, but we will evaluate that and then talk to legislative leadership and the U.S. Postal Service to see any areas that we can improve between now and November.”

Officials say if you do choose mail in voting, to get your ballots in early because the post office can take up to five days to return first class mail like ballots.

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