Kansas leads nation in shift to renewable energy


FOUR STATE AREA — Three of our four states have earned notoriety for greatly reducing their carbon footprint.

Over the last few years wind farms like this one have become more common throughout the nation’s heartland. While this one is new in Southwest Missouri, they’ve been operating in the Sunflower State for several years, and are one of the primary reasons Kansas is ranked number one in the country for increasing their output of renewable energy.

Gina Penzig, Evergy External Communications, said, “They are looking for renewable sources of energy to help power those facilities, so being able to make that offer to be able to give them that opportunity to fulfill those goals just adds to the value that Kansas can bring.”

The survey, which was conducted by Filterbuy, shows Kansas increased the percentage of renewable energy between 2010 through 2019 by just over a whopping 500%. And Blake Benson says they aren’t just good for the planet, they’re good for business, in the form of existing Kansas based businesses looking to expand or those looking for a home.

Blake Benson, President, Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, said, “Not only the environmental impact but hopefully the long term cost savings so certainly something that is of interest to young entrepreneurs and this obviously a ranking like this will only help.”

In fact, many businesses are now making sustainability part of their business model.

“Whether that be advanced manufacturing in Pittsburg or aerospace in Wichita, animal science in Manhattan and so I think this is right along those lines because Kansas has a long history with renewable energy especially in the wind sector.”

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