Kansas lawmakers searching for Medicaid expansion solution


KANSAS — Lawmakers are looking for a solution on how to expand the state’s Medicaid system.

The final meeting of the Governor’s council on Medicaid expansion wrapped up on Thursday.

Members will send recommendations to the Governor in early January.

The group was created by Governor Kelly after expansion failed this year.

On Thursday they talked about two plans.

One that was passed by the House but wasn’t voted on in the Senate. And another proposed by Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning.

Gov. Laura Kelly (D) Kansas, said, “As CEO of the state I am concerned about putting in provisions in the bill that would create administrative nightmares for my agencies, they’ve got enough to do, they don’t need to be caught up in a bunch of unnecessary paperwork.”

If a plan is passed it could provide government assistance to more than 130,000 Kansans.

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