Kansas lawmakers looking to prevent surprise medical bills


KANSAS — Medical bills can be expensive and stressful — even more so when your bill is much more than originally anticipated.

Now, Kansas lawmakers are working to prevent surprise medical bills.

Senator Richard Hilderbrand has a plan.

Imagine going to the doctor and walking out with a bill double the cost that you thought it would be.

This is what’s being called surprise medical billing and it’s become an issue across the United States.

Senator Richard Hilderbrand hopes his plan will help Kansans.

Senator Hilderbrand has introduced two bills, one for insured patients, the other for uninsured patients.

Each bill requires medical providers give patients an estimated cost breakdown prior to any treatment being done, if requested by the patient.

He says this will give the patient the ability to compare costs from various providers as well as plan out their finances before being billed.

Senator Richard Hilderbrand, (R) Galena, said, “Any business that you go to, you can see what you’re paying before you actually have–whether you eat or have your car fixed or anything like that–you know upfront what you’re paying and you can budget for that. This shouldn’t be any different.”

Senator Hilderbrand says he expects these bills will save Kansans money.

The bills are scheduled to be discussed by lawmakers tomorrow morning.

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