Kansas lawmakers dispute over possible passing of current KanCare 2.0 plan


Some Kansas lawmakers say they’re frustrated the state could move forward with the current version of KanCare 2.0.

The KanCare Oversight Committee heard more than five hours of testimony today from dozens of groups and people calling on the state to not move forward with KanCare 2.0. KanCare is the state’s privatized medicaid program. 

During the committee meeting, some lawmakers wanted to revoke the panel’s previous support for Governor Colyer’s plan for KanCare 2.0. Under his plan, the state would implement work requirements and other eligibility rules.

The committee chairman says there isn’t enough time for lawmakers to recommend changes to KanCare 2.0 while others say it’s their job.

“Our recommendations are done at a certain time of the year for the purpose of being able to produce legislation for the next session. We’re out of time for that for this year,” says State Rep. Dan Hawkins.

“This is the KanCare Oversight Committee, our job is to review the program and then make recommendations to the legislature about things that should be corrected, added or changed,” says State Rep. Jim Ward.

KanCare serves more than 400 thousand Kansans.

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