TOPEKA, Ks. — Kansas lawmakers are getting closer on deciding what to do with the Docking State Office Building in Topeka.

The Department of Administration showed four possible plans to the joint committee on state building construction.

That committee could recommend what to do with the building in the next week or so.

Plans include renovating the entire building or removing everything above the third floor and constructing three new floors.

Some lawmakers say an option of demolishing the entire building isn’t the right way to go.

Rep. J.R. Claeys (R) Vice Chair, Joint Committee on State Building Construction, said, “That option’s always out there. But I think as far as the building’s concerned, and lawmakers, their opinions toward taking that down, I don’t think that’s something that’s going to happen so we wanted solutions to the problems that are out there that we could solve with this building, and I think we heard those today.”

Lawmakers also discussed whether to move Department of Health and Environment Laboratories from Forbes Field to a renovated docking or to use open space at the Kansas Neurological Institute in Topeka.