Kansas Highway Patrol fires two high ranking troopers


KANSAS — Two high ranking troopers have lost their jobs after another shakeup at the Kansas Highway Patrol.

The Governor says there have been a number of problems at KHP for a long time and she and her administration are trying to fix them.

Kelly announced Majors Scott Harrington and Josh Kellerman have been fired from the Highway Patrol on Thursday.

KHP Colonel Herman Jones says this is a part of ‘buidling a culture and structure within the agency that will help troopers best serve the people of Kansas.’

This is the second time under Governor Kelly where top leadership has changed.

Last year the two men at the head of KHP abruptly stepped down after sexual misconduct allegations.

After more than a year on the job as the new Colonel, Herman Jones faced multiple complaints of sexual harassment, misuse of a state plane, and gender discrimination.

Gov. Laura Kelly, (D) Kansas, said, “A thorough investigation was done, both an internal investigation, but we went even a step further and had an independent organization come in and investigate to ensure that the information that we got was accurate and both investigations cleared any wrongdoing.”

Kelly says the firings are not connected to Jones’ investigation. But that her office wanted to release all the information together as to not appear to be covering anything up.

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