Kansas gubernatorial candidates debate immigration issue

The Republican candidates running for Kansas governor are fighting over all kinds of topics in a recently held debate.

Immigration issues have consumed national headlines for months.

"I fully support President Trump's efforts to limit chain migration to the immediate family,” says Ken Selzer.

Here in Kansas, it's an issue Republican candidates for governor are debating.

"We need to seal the border. I am willing to send American troops, Kansas National Guard, to the border at the request of the President if he needs them, we're happy to help build that wall,” says Gov. Jeff Colyer.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach criticizes the Governor's administration for not taking a tougher stance on immigration.

"We are the sanctuary state of the Midwest. We're the only state that does nothing to discourage illegal immigration. Of course we do give in-state tuition to illegal aliens which I have been fighting against for the past 14 years,” says Kris Kobach.

Last legislative session, there was a bill brought forward to repeal a state law granting in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants, but it never made its way out of committee.

"I don't believe that illegal aliens, people here illegally should have any right more than legal citizens of Kansas,” says Patrick Kucera.

Former State Senator Jim Barnett says there needs to be better immigration policy on the federal level in order for states to deal with it on a local level.

"We're left on the state level then to figure out how to deal with all of the problems, so we will deal with those humanely,” says Jim Barnett.

The primary is August 7th. And in order to vote you need to be registered. Voter registration deadline for unaffiliated voters is next Tuesday, July 17th.

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