Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly shows support for Highway 69 widening project



Kansas Governor Laura Kelly came down to Southeast Kansas Monday to show her support of the new addition of Highway 69.

She was joined by Kansas Secretary of Transportation Julie Lorenz, as she spoke about how the four-lane highway will now extend 76 miles from Kansas City to Garland.

The multi-billion dollar project has been ongoing for decades, in an effort to connect all of Southeast Kansas to Kansas City.

The next leg of the project will be 11 more miles, connecting Garland to Pittsburg.

Governor Kelly has been advocating for the completion of this project for a while, as she sees a direct correlation of roadways and economic vitality.

“We really need to be investing in these kinds of projects. It’s the only way our state can grow. You know if there’s no way for a business to get their goods from here to there then they’re not even going to take a look at Southeast Kansas.”

Gov. Laura Kelly, Kansas (D)

As construction continues, both the governor and secretary of transportation pledge to keep an open line of communication between residents on what can be done to better the highway.

One of their first changes will be kicking up the speed limit from 55 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour in the Garland area, which is set to be effective before the 4th of July.

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