Kansas family gets a new home

GIRARD, Ks. - A family got the keys to their new home in Girard on Sunday.

The Hardesty family applied to Crawford County's Habitat for Humanity last year to receive a new home.  They were approved, and after 5 months of construction on the house, they are now able to move in. Mom, Amber Hardesty had a lot of emotions as she got the keys to her new home, but she's excited for the future. 

Home Owner Amber Hardesty says, "Ovewhelming, but so like awesome. It's just really cool and there's so many people here, and I couldn't be more thankful."

Crawford County's Habitat for Humanity President Lance Davis says, "It's always a great feeling and you see the happiness and as they tear up you can't help but tear up too, because it means so much to them."

Amber says she plans to be fully moved in before the summer begins. 

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