Kansas experiencing issues with vaccine reporting


KANSAS — Health officials in Kansas are concerned that problems reporting vaccinations in the state may lead to fewer vaccines delivered in the future.

The state says there are two main issues— lack of vaccines and problems with reporting. And lawmakers fear these setbacks could delay what they’re calling the “return to normal.” State Health Secretary, Dr. Lee Norman, told lawmakers he’s trying to get to the bottom of problems counties are having when recording the number of vaccine doses given out.

Counties are using the state’s data recording system, Web IZ, to report numbers. But, lawmakers agree that some counties seem to have issues when they try to log vaccinations.

Sen. Rick Billinger, (R) Goodland, said, “One of my counties has indicated to me that even though they report the right amount of numbers, the right amount of numbers are not showing up.”

Sen. Tom Hawk, (D) Manhattan, said, “As I look at what’s happened in my county, in Riley County, I feel like they really worked hard to try and get the vaccines into people’s arms, and so, I think it’s just a reporting issue.”

Lawmakers are concerned that whether there will be enough vaccines to go around. But, the state says more vaccines are on the way.

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