Kansas Democratic Party says amount of Democrats running is good for process



The Democratic Party is in the process of a nominee that can go against President Trump.

20 presidential nominees took the stage last week to debate the most important issues in America. Topics like affordable healthcare, climate change, and the economy were discussed.

In Kansas, the State Party’s Director Ethan Corson says he believes democrats will pick a candidate that will address what is affecting real people. And he says the amount of people running is good for the process.

“We have a number of great candidates, when I looked at the stage, I saw a number of folks that I thought would be tremendous nominees, and tremendous presidents, I think it’s really encouraging that so many amazing folks have stepped and thrown their hat in the ring, and I think it’s great that we have folks offering a broad variety of ideas to address these really important issues.”

Ethan Corson, Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director

Democrats in the state will have a new process of picking a nominee next May. They are switching from a caucus to a ranked-choice primary system.

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