TOPEKA, Ks. — The number of cases of coronavirus in Kansas increased again today, putting the number at 11.

Governor Kelly signed an executive order stating that all gatherings of 50 or more people are to be cancelled for eight weeks.

Gov. Laura Kelly, said, “Any place that 50 or more than 50 could congregate, it will be up to the venue to ensure there are no more than 50 in there at a time.”

Governor Kelly and Department of Health and Environment Secretary Lee Norman gave an update on coronavirus today.

Big public gatherings are banned, and if people don’t listen to them, law enforcement could step in.

“Those guidelines are not just pulled out of thin air.”

“We’re doing everything as thoughtfully as we possibly can, we’re not taking drastic action just to take drastic action,” said Norman.

The Governor also announced that she and the Kansas Corporation Commission are preventing any utilities including electric, water, gas, and telecommunications, can’t be disconnected during the crisis.

Both Kelly and Norman stressed that people have to continue to practice good hygiene and get used to the new way of social distancing.

“I think that people are safe if they really embody those principles, so we’re not being heavy handed in and looking at every single work-site for example.”

The governor is also meeting with the chamber of commerce, restaurant business groups to see what is best for those industries.