Kansas City Chiefs fans are hoping for another Super Bowl run


JOPLIN, Mo. — Despite today’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs fans are hoping for another Super Bowl run.

Sunday afternoon dozens of sports fans were at Buffalo Wild Wings on Rangeline to watch the Chiefs play against the Bengals.

Sadly the Chiefs lost, but that is not stopping fans from hoping for a chance at that Lombardi Trophy.

The Chiefs now have eleven wins and five losses and are going to the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs fans are hopeful their team will make it to the Super Bowl three years in a row.

“I’ve been a fan since 1964. I’m from Kansas City. They’ve already won the division so they’re in the playoffs again and I think they’ve got it all together and they’re gonna make a good run for the Super Bowl,” said John Erway, Kansas City Chiefs fan.

“I hope that they make the Super Bowl. It’s amazing. I love Andy Reid he’s an awesome coach. He’s got three Super Bowl, well hopes to get them to the third Super Bowl,” said Vanessa Ritter, Kansas City Chiefs fan.

The chiefs last game of the season is at 4:25p.m. next Sunday.

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