This week, the Kansas Board of Regents is scheduled to take a final vote on proposed tuition increases at all six state universities.
When students return to class this fall, they could be paying more for tuition. If the board of regents approves the tuition rate hikes. Right now students attending University of Kansas who take 15 credit hours pay $4,909 dollars in tuition. Under the proposed tuition hikes, students would pay $5,046 dollars per semester.. an increase of $137 dollars and that’s not including fees for books or meal plans.
KU is proposing the highest increase of all the universities in Kansas. At Wichita State, students would see their tuition increase by $82 dollars each semester for the same 15 credit hour schedule. And at Pittsburg State University, students would see an increase of $73 dollars per semester.
In a statement last month, PSU President Steve Scott said the increase is the lowest for that university in 20 years saying the increase “ensures Pittsburg State remains one of the most affordable universities in the nation.” 
Emporia State is asking for a $63 dollar-per semester increase, for the same number of hours. K-State is proposing an increase of $51 dollars and Fort Hays State University is asking for the lowest increase of $48 dollars per semester keeping it’s tuition the lowest in the state at less than $2,000 dollars per semester.
The universities asked the Board of Regents for the tuition increase last month saying it’s needed since the legislature didn’t fully restore the 4% cuts from 2016. 
The Kansas Board of Regents is scheduled to vote on the tuition increases Wednesday afternoon.