Kansas back on the road to financial recovery


KANSAS – The Sunflower State is on the road to financial recovery after tax cuts took a large portion out of state funding.

Back in 2017, a bi-partisan led effort was carried out to replace income tax dollars lost due to tax cut legislation signed by former Kansas Governor Sam Brownback in 2012. The recent efforts have led the state to generate more income taxes. Last year, the Kansas Department of Revenue reported their total collections at more than $9.9 millions, compared to $8.9 million in 2013. Kansas legislators are hopeful those numbers will continue to increase but they do say there is more work to be done.

“It will take us years to dig out of the situation we were in. We are, for sure have a lot more work to do, and Kansans really have to be patient during this process. Because what happened in a course of a short period of time we know, we know just by looking at the finances will take years to fix.”

Monica Murnan, Kansas State Representative, District 3 (D)

State Representative Murnan adds as the state starts to generate more income tax, she would like to see more funding going towards highway projects and Medicaid expansion.

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