Kansas at moderate risk for West Nile Virus


The State of Kansas is at a moderate risk for the West Nile Virus.

That’s according to the Kansas Department of Health. In their weekly report, they say that although no cases have been reported in Kansas since May 25th, there is still a moderate risk. 

West Nile is contracted by mosquito bites, but does not spread from person to person. When a person is infected with West Nile, they could experience running a fever, but there are a few people who develop swelling of the brain which can sometimes lead to death.

Currently there is no vaccination or medicine to treat West Nile, but if you have been infected before, you are considered to be immune. 

The Oklahoma Department of Health reports they have had three human cases of West Nile this season.  

Missouri has not had reports of anyone being infected by the virus this year, but warns that after all the recent rain, mosquitoes will be thick.

For information on ways to protect yourself from being bite, click here.

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