Kansas State University is conducting a study in Cherokee county to determine the need for change in child care in the area.

After researchers assessed the need for both better and more options for child care they approached to community to see what could be done.
They narrowed down their focus groups in the area to be the general public, those who need child care, those who have child care, and those who will need it in the future.
KSU students are hoping meeting with area residents helps solidify how the community can better serve the next generation.
Jessie Piper, a doctoral student at Kansas State University says, “Child care is an economic development issue. Without child care you can’t have businesses, and those places that have good, quality and affordablechild care, those places are thriving in all realms of the community. So if we want our kansas communities to thrive, we need child care.”
The university has conducted similar studies across the state of Kansas.
And have been able to draw the conclusion that child care is a statewide issue, not just only in Cherokee county.