Juvenile with Knife Walking on Restaurant Roof Now in Police Custody


JOPLIN, Mo — Cpt. Nick Jimenez with Joplin police confirms there was a male on the roof of Jimmy’s Egg. A juvenile male who was in possession of a prohibited knife. 

“He was pacing around and definitely making everyone nervous, but police got him to come down.”

They are currently investigating to see if any threats were made or if trespassing charges might be brought. 

For now he is in juvenile custody.

Joplin News First tip-line was inundated with messages from customers and passerby’s:

“5 police cars at Jimmy’s Egg!”

“Cops are everywhere outside and they’ve locked us inside [the restaurant]. I’m inside the building with another couple families and a guy has a bag and is waving a knife around [on the roof].”

“Hey Shannon I’m not sure what’s going on at Jimmy’s Eggs but I just passed it and the cops have their cars blocking off all of the driveway entrances around the building and there’s K9 dogs out there”

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