Justice reform campaign launches in Oklahoma


OKALHOMA CITY, Okla. — Oklahomans for Sentencing Reform launches a campaign to get a new state question on the ballot to crack down on issues in the justice system in the state.

State Question 805 would cater to reducing sentence enhancements to help thousands of Oklahomans affected.

It could help repeat offenders not face multiple years, or even decades, being added to their time behind bars.

The Yes On 805 campaign is working to gather about 177,000 signatures to put the state question to a vote.

The organization’s goal with this measure is to reduce high incarceration rates in the state.

This includes Oklahomans being 70% more likely to remain behind bars longer for property crimes, as well as 79%longer for drug crimes.

The group has until March 25 to get the required signatures to be voted on in the 2020 election.

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