JOPLIN, Mo. — You probably know there’s a lot of your personal information out on the web and there’s an easy way to see just how much of it there is.

John Motazedi, SNC Squared, said, “Years and year of information is out there on these websites and there is not a really easy way uniform way to get rid of all this information.”

But there’s a website that can help track it all down. lists hundreds of sites that may have you listed.

“JUSTGETMYDATA goes on site and literally shows you every specific website that out there from social media to shopping sites to just anything at all you can imagine – literally when you click on those links it takes you to the exact page where you can request your information.”

JustGetMyData is a branch of So it can also help if you decide to delete your account, but the process can be very different depending on the website.

“Every specific website, every specific social media website has a different way, means, method to do this. Some you have to email, some you have to go on their website and fill out a form some you can just cancel your account. And that becomes the challenge years and year of info is out there on these websites.”

Some accounts are fairly easy to erase – while others might be impossible.

“Those are also rated on this site by how difficult it is to remove its information – you’ll notice some sites highlighted in black. Those are sites that you cannot close your account.”