June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month


The month of June is recognized as Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month.
Doctors are seeing an increase in these diseases. Millions of people will be dealing with Alzheimer’s in about 25 years and local doctors says awareness is key. That is why many doctors across the nation recognize June as Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month.
“A recent study suggested that 14% of the people above the age of 71 suffer from Alzheimer’s and the predicted data is that with the aging population by 2050 almost hundred million people will suffer from the disease,” says Dr. Gulshan Uppal.
Uppal says there is no cure for the disease and there is still much to determine.
“We know that there are some chemicals in the brain that get deposited there mainly called hemoproteins, so we know that gets deposited why it gets deposited we don’t understand,” says Dr. Uppal.
He says Alzheimer’s starts out with a person losing short term memory and then it progresses, leaving them having trouble doing daily activities. Other reasons a person may have brain related issues include having a seizure, stroke or other health related issue.
“It’s a huge burden. It’s very important for the caregivers because now they have to take care of a person who cannot take care of themselves,” says Dr. Uppal.
Locally, the Webb City Health and Rehabilitation Center offers its services for free to community members to help them if they are in need.
“We have a lot of different topics regarding their emotional needs as a caregiver as well as education of what to expect, through the disease process, different techniques coping mechanisms for the patient as well as the family member,” says Shaulene Frock.
Frock says the services are held at its facility the fourth Tuesday of each month at 4 pm. She also adds there will also be informative education handouts and free refreshments available.

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