Judge shares regret she has over the sentencing of a juvenile


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KOLR) — The judge who handed down a 241-year sentence traveled to the Missouri capitol expressing regrets and supporting a change in sentencing laws.

The 16-year-old that judge Evelyn Baker sentenced will not be eligible for parole until he’s 112-years-old.

The lawmaker wanting to make changes to juvenile sentencing says an adult committing murder could be eligible for parole before a juvenile committing lesser offenses.

Judge Baker says Bobby Bostic was sentenced for his role in a 1995 robbery, shooting, and carjacking that resulted in one victim being grazed by gunfire.

Bostic is now 41-years-old.

Baker joined State Representative Nick Schroer in calling for a change in the law so juveniles facing life long sentences could petition the parole board to review their sentence after 15 years.

“He’s written books, he has written poetry, he’s trying to help as many people as he can in a confined environment,” Baker said. “He could do so much more to help others if we let him out.”

Schroer says the victims of Bositc’s crimes support the effort and that there is bipartisan support for giving Bostic and others a second chance.

“It would not guarantee him parole per se but it would guarantee him to get in front of the parole board and they would look at his case file to see you know no bad acts, actions that would prevent him from getting paroled,” Rep. Schroer said. “The accolades he’s received and the different degrees, programs he’s trying to start up and contribute to as far as contributing to juveniles and being a good influence on them and allowing them to see the bad actions and what one you know horrific night could do to somebody’s life.”

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