JPD warns to be wary of where your relief money goes during times of disaster


It’s just natural for Four State residents, especially those that have suffered disasters in their own towns, to want to help victims of Mother Nature’s wrath.

But before you open up your checkbook, or give out your credit card information, you may want to make sure your donation goes to actual hurricane or flooding victims. Trevor Duncan with the Joplin Police Department says a good rule of thumb is that most reputable organizations don’t seek people out to give, it’s usually the other way around.

“You know if somebody’s contacted you over the phone or through e-mail that you don’t know who they are, don’t know who they represent for sure probably shouldn’t take their word as it is just to be safe you should probably seek out who you want to donate to, do some research on who’s collecting, how they say the money’s being spent,” says Captain Trevor Duncan of the Joplin Police Department.

He says it’s best to stick with a reputable, national, organization with a proven track record.

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