JPD reminds New Years revelers to include a safe ride home in plans


JOPLIN, Mo. — The celebration of the new year begins tonight and many people will celebrate with alcohol

What are area law enforcement doing to keep people from drinking and driving tonight?

Joplin officers will be on the look out for impaired and intoxicated drivers as well as staying in touch with businesses in case of an emergency.

I spoke with a Captain with the department and he says there are several alternatives to get home safe from a new years celebration.

Cpt. Nick Jimenez, Joplin Police Department, said, “Don’t drive intoxicated, don’t drive impaired. There’s no excuse to do that.”

Joplin Police ask residents to have a happy and safe new year by not drinking and driving.

“There’s ride share programs Uber, Lyft. Have a designated driver or have someone that you designate who you know is going to be able to drive you safely without any alcohol or any other substances in their system.”

Officers say if you drive intoxicated, you will go to jail.

“We encourage our officers to be proactive and look for impaired drivers and they will be out seeking anyone who is driving intoxicated or impaired.”

The department has an agency called Crime Free, Business And Multi-Housing Unit that will work with businesses in the community and give them a few tips on who to call in case of an emergency.

“To make sure businesses are being safe and give them safety tips so those businesses have someone to contact if they have specific issues.”

A Joplin business that advocates for safe driving is restaurant and bar Club 609.

Steve Williams, General Manager, Club 609, said, “We work with the police department as much as we can and you know if we have an issue to call them.”

Steve Williams says Club 609 has been offering a ride-share service for more than 4 years and is available year-round.

“We have drivers here that are set up to take your car home and you home so everybody gets home safely. They get up the next morning and their car is in their drive way or garage safe and secure.”

“It’s not worth harming yourself or your loved ones or someone else’s loved ones,” said Cpt. Jimenez.

Uber and Lyft apps can be downloaded on to a smart phone for free. Or you can call a local cab company for a ride home.

Joplin Police say they will have extra officers on the road tonight to make sure everyone gets home safely.

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