JOPLIN, Mo. — An officer-involved shooting is currently under investigation in Joplin.

The incident happened just after eight this morning near 25th and Annie Baxter Avenue. A Joplin Police Officer was patrolling the neighborhood and noticed a vehicle that was out of place and had not been seen in the area before.

After investigating, the officers learned the vehicle was stolen.

“They found the driver to be passed out in the vehicle, so they used police cars to box the vehicle in. Made attempts to call him out of the vehicle repeatedly, during this process, basically, the suspect tried to leave anyway, and was ramming our police vehicles. An officer-involved shooting then occurred at that time,” said Capt. Trevor Duncan, Joplin Police Department.

The suspect has been identified as Scott Peggram, a 35-year-old of Joplin. He is currently at a local hospital in critical condition.

One officer was examined at a local hospital and had been released.

No police officers were injured.

Three JPD officers were involved and are now on administrative leave due to Department policy.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is currently investigating the incident.