JPD needs help in locating black SUV style vehicle posing as a police car


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Jasper County Sheriff’s Office has received two incidents in the past week of someone in a black SUV style vehicle turning red and blue lights on when following someone on the road.

The suspicious vehicle has not turned a siren on either of the two incidents. It is reported to have standard state issued plates, but license plate number is unknown.

Both incidents have occurred around the Sarcoxie area with one incident being in Newton County.

Below are instructions to follow on what to do if you have an unmarked car trying to stop you and you suspect they are not the police:

  • Turn your flashers on, so if it is a real cop they know you have acknowledged them.
  • Drive to a well lit area.
  • While heading there call dispatch (417-359-9100), give them your current location and explain there is a car with red and blue lights behind you, and ask them to verify if that is a police officer.
    • If they tell you it is a real police officer, immediately comply and stop.
    • If they tell you it is not a police officer: DO NOT STOP; stay on the phone with dispatch and drive to the nearest law enforcement station.

If anyone has information on who is operating the black SUV with red and blue lights please contact dispatch at 417-359-9100.

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