Joplin woman wins $100,000


JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin woman finds out firsthand just how much fun it is to win a hundred thousand dollars.

That’s the total off Evelyn Johnson’s winning scratchers ticket.

She bought it at the Casey’s in Briarbrook, one of several she bought jointly with her sister Joy Knappenberger.

After scratching off the ticket, she told her husband she thought she’d won $5,000.

The second guess was $11,000 until he took a closer look.

Evelyn Johnson, Joplin Lottery Winner, said, “I don’t think you win $11,000. I said, Dan, do the math. I said OK. He said, 20 times 5,000. Like, Oh my God, I didn’t expect this.”

Evelyn and Joy are splitting the winnings fifty – fifty.

That’s about $36,000 each after taxes.

Evelyn isn’t sure how she’ll spend her money, saying it could be house remodeling, an upgraded beach vacation or a new car for the family.

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