Joplin woman whose Christmas tree was stolen isn’t letting it break her Christmas spirit


JOPLIN, Mo. — An area woman is not letting a Grinch stop her from spreading a little Christmas cheer.

Breanna Landes wanted to show her Christmas spirit by putting up a tree in Mercy Park as part of the Christmas tree contest. She and her son put it up on Saturday.

But she thinks it was stolen sometime Sunday night. Not to be deterred, she put up another one in it’s place this afternoon.

“I actually was really upset about it when it first happened, but as the day progressed I realized that somebody out there must have really needed a Christmas tree, so the season is about forgiveness and love and I really hope they enjoy that tree and have a Merry Christmas,” said Breanna Landes, Tree Theft Victim.

She estimates she’s out about 200 dollars with ornaments and all, but she says other competitors in the contest, as well as other community members who read about the incident on social media contributed money so she could put up a new tree. And she says it won’t deter her from putting up a tree again next year. The lighting ceremony for the trees is tonight.

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