Joplin teen born without a pulmonary artery continues to play sports



Most young people take the ability to play baseball, or any other sport for that matter, for granted. Not so for an area teenager.

Dylan Gallup was born at a Joplin hospital sixteen years ago. He was flown to a Kansas City hospital that same day, where doctors learned he had no pulmonary artery in his heart. Without one, blood can’t be sent to the lungs to pick up oxygen, which would cause him to suffocate and die. He became only the 6th person in the world to have a procedure where a wire was used to open up a space where his missing artery should be.
Since that operation, he’s had more procedures to help improve blood flow, and he never takes the ability to play his favorite sport, baseball, for granted.

“If I was born 4 or 5 years before, I wouldn’t have lived and just mainly through the American Heart Association, they’ve done so much research through all that stuff that they just save more and more lives every year.”

Dylan Gallup, Heart Disease Survivor

If you didn’t know his amazing story, it would be hard to tell he’s any different then other kids his age. The American Heart Association is in the midst of a year-long initiative to increase awareness and reduce the prevalence of heart disease in Missouri. Gallup is this month’s featured survivor.

If you’d like to learn more about his condition as well as contribute to that organization, click here.

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