Joplin students will enter the plane they built into competition


You may have heard the expression, “When pigs fly.” That’s the motto of an area high school physics project.

A couple of years ago, while visiting the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Jayden Durling saw something that really peaked his interest. 

It was a radio controlled airplane flying contest, and he thought, “We can do this,” so he and a group of students from College Heights high school did, all from scratch.

This entire project has been student driven, they were the ones who came up with the idea, they built the plane, learned how to fly it and now they’ve entered it at a competition at Oklahoma State University in a few weeks.

Durling, who is a College Heights Senior, says, “This is our competition plane, so we spent a lot of time putting this together, building it, designing it, and flying it, and hopefully it will do well at competition.”

But it’s not enough to build a plane, you must also give it a name.

They settled on “Babe” based on a movie about a pig. So, where did the pig concept come from?

Their physics teacher, Jean Miller, has had this flying pig in her classroom for years, so the students put two and two together and the rest hopefully will be aviation history. 

Miller says, “We came up with the idea of pigs and went with ‘When pigs fly,’ because, for me at least, I never thought I’d ever be building a plane much less these guys, I’m sure, so we figured it seems appropriate”

The competition for both colleges and high schools will take place in Stillwater on April 27th.

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