Joplin students to see changes in transportation


JOPLIN, Mo. — While all three private schools in Joplin are back in session, Joplin public schools won’t start until Monday.

Students will see some changes this year, especially when it comes to transportation. For one, bus drivers will be taking kids temperatures before they sit down. And when they do pick a seat, they’ll stay in it for the entire school year.

Transportation Director Michael Bevis says there are a couple of reasons why, among them cutting down on foot traffic inside the bus and well as for contact tracing.

Michael Bevis, Joplin Schools Transportation Director, said, “So if we have a student that perhaps gets it, and the health department tells us, then we will be notifying those students that sit around them for that time.”

Each of the 60 buses needed to run routes each day will be disinfected between each use.

“Go out and spray each of those buses, it takes just about two or three minutes to spray them down and we’ll wait like a ten minute they call it a kill period to kill all the bugs that might be on them, uh the virus, and then another crew will come through and they’ll wipe them down to wipe that residue off.”

Getting into and out of Joplin High School should be much easier for motorists this year now that only half of the student body will be there each day.

Jason Barchak, Joplin H.S. School Resource Officer, said, “However traffic is a major concern for the chief and he is placing a major emphasis on traffic enforcement in school zones so there’s going to be a lot of officers in school zones the beginning couple weeks of school.”

Barchak says all motorists need to watch out for students from here on out whether they’re driving in a school zone or not.

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