Joplin student gets full ride to JBU


JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin student receives a full scholarship to attend John Brown University. Zipporah Jones was only one of three applicants to get a full ride to JBU. She now will attend her dream college and graduate debt free.

Thursday Zipporah Jones received the Presidential Scholarship from John Brown University. Her family and friends surprising her after school for the big announcement.

Zipporah Jones, JBU Scholarship Recipient , said, “To get the scholarship I’m like I know this is what the lord has for my life. I know that it’s the next step. So it is very exciting and I don’t have to worry about money, which is something I get stressed out about so to just have that blessing its everything I could have asked for and more.”

The College Heights senior plans to double major in Family and Human Services and Worship Arts. She will receive a $110,000 scholarship over her four years.

“This was my top choice school and now I get to go there and I don’t have to worry about money which is really exciting.”

JBU says this is their biggest scholarship and Jones stood out among the 85 candidates.

Austin Grothe JBU Admissions Counselor, said, “We’re looking for students at JBU who show leadership, who show ambition, who are out serving in their communities and who are passionate about their faith and that’s a big thing at JBU. So it was very evident in Zipporah’s interview and in her references and in her application that she’s very passionate about her faith and she wants to be involved in her community and that’s something we really value.”

Jones says her faith is guiding her through her next chapter.

“Through all of this I know that Jesus is faithful and that he has a plan for my life and so all of this just further shows me that,” said jones.

After graduation Jones hopes to go into counseling and worship leading. John Brown University is offering this scholarship again in Spring.

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