Joplin Senior Center Needs Your Help


An area senior center needs your help to keep their meals on wheels program going.

Volunteer drivers for the Joplin Senior Center is in a bit of a catch 22 situation.

The drivers they do have, are having to spend more time on the road because of how many stops they have to make.
Stephanie Denham with the Area Agency on Aging says there are 11 homebound routes right now, but they’d like to expand that number to add more seniors to the program — and give existing drivers some relief.

“A lot of those routes are getting pretty large and we could use some additional drivers for not only fill in but also for the ease of expanding those routes to maybe 12 or 14 just so the routes will be a bit shorter uh so we can get our meals delivered in a timely manner.” said Stephanie Denham, Area Agency on Aging Nutrition Program Director.

She says there is currently a waiting list to add seniors to the program.
The center also needs monetary donations to help pay for the food they prepare.

If you’d like to help out, you can call the Joplin Senior Center at 417-781-9353, or the Area Agency on Aging at 417-781-7862.

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